Lisbeth Wacker

Lisbeth is passionate about healthy living and helping others through education, reflexology, bioenergetics testing and aromatherapy. After being introduced to Young Living Essential Oils, they soon became a regular part of her and her family's lives.

While getting certified as an Aromatherapist, she learned about reflexology and its health benefits. She was fascinated with how the feet connect to every organ in the body and by applying pressure to the feet in different areas, people started finding relief.

Thereafter being introduced to the Qest 4 Bioenergetics testing device, she knew this would be a way to help her and others in a natural, safe and non-invasive way by scanning our bodies to pinpoint imbalances. She is excited to help others reach their wellness goals. Cheers to optimal health. 

Lisbeth comes from the beautiful country of Norway, where a healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities are very much embraced. Lisbeth lives within Madison WI area with her husband and children. She enjoys living in the Madison area participating in outdoor activities, networking with others, teaching Norwegian and being the worship leader at her church.

A common expression in Norway is "There's no such thing as bad weather but instead it's the clothes you choose to wear." In other words you can't let bad weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors.